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Help Our Keiki and Families Reach for the Stars

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Despite the disruption to our everyday lives, in times like these, traditions are important to maintain a sense of normalcy. Thus, we are happy to announce that Family Programs Hawaii will hold its 22nd Annual Holiday Party in early December.

For nearly sixteen years, Family Programs Hawaii, a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization has been providing children in the foster care system a day in which dreams can and DO come true. Over 350 families, more than 1,500 happy individuals participate in this annual event. Through the generous support of local donors, our foster children, beloved families, and compassionate caregivers can come together to celebrate the holidays – to enjoy the camaraderie of sharing a meal and receiving gifts from Santa. For so many of our keiki, the Family Programs Hawaii Holiday Party IS their dream becoming a reality.

Although the format and venue of the celebration will change this year due to COVID-19, Family Programs Hawaii is determined to provide the opportunity to, once again, create a day of joy and holiday cheer for the children and families.

This year's event theme is "Reach for the Stars,” which also reflects our efforts in encouraging our children to never stop dreaming, regardless of the circumstances. Anything is possible. We will not let our current circumstances take away from any child’s dream.

Can you help us continue to be that star shining in the night sky?